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DermSpectra In The Press: Read Dr. Kline Exclusive Interview!

Following is an excerpt from the original interview published on Charlotte’s Book:

Diagnosing skin cancer has always been complicated: delays can cause major problems, but early detection can save lives. So where’s the technology we’ve all been waiting for that can “read” and diagnose skin, no matter the stage?

Meet DermaSpectra, a major technological revolution in the way doctors can diagnose and monitor skin conditions, including moles, psoriasis, eczema, and lesions. It’s a full-body imaging system that reads and saves the information in your skin, comparing that information to the next time you visit the doctor’s office. Charlotte’s Book approved dermatologist Dr. Mitchell A. Kline is only one of two institutions in the U.S. to be receiving DermaSpectra: his office in New York will have a machine, and the Oregon Health & Science University will be receiving the only other DermaSpectra machine in the U.S.

We spoke to Dr. Kline to get the full download on this high-tech imaging system. Read on, and avoid skin cancer.


Dr. Mitchell A. Kline: DermSpectra is a cutting-edge total body digital imaging system that functions like a technically advanced photo booth for the skin. It allows a dermatologist to use modern, standardized methods to visually capture, track, detect and monitor vital skin irregularities that could indicate an underlying health issue or aid in the early detection of skin cancer.

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